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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk's Three Year Warranty On Selected Professional Cleaning Equipment

Nilfisk's Three Year Warranty

​Nilfisk as a manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment, are committed to providing products of the highest quality.

Nilfisk are delighted to offer a 3 year warranty on selected industrial cleaning products when newly purchased through their partners, such as us here at TVD (The Vacuum Doctor) in Western Australia.

The new 3 year warranty program covers a range of products including a selection of sweepers, scrubber/dryers, combination machines and industrial high pressure cleaners.

Nilfisk's philosophy, is, the Nilfisk 3 year warranty will give Nilfisk's partners, dealers and agents, client's, peace of mind and reassurance when investing in Nilfisk industrial cleaning products, because it protects responsible customers from undue costs associated with failure of the product due to faulty workmanship or quality of material.

The specific products included in the 3 year warranty program will need to be formally registered with Nilfisk, within 30 days of purchase, and used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions to a maximum of around two to two and a half hours per day EACH day of the three years. That's reasonable enough for most tasks with the correct machine for the job!

These products are large scrubber dryers such as the SC800 and the Focus 2, which are covered for 2,000 hours.

The stand-on floor scrubber the SC1500R which is covered for 1,800 hours.

The mid-sized rider scrubber dryers the BR752 and the BR855 which are covered for 1,800 hours.

The large rider scrubber dryers such as the BR1050 X replaced by the SC6000 D and the SC6000 910C and the BR1100-S and the BR1300-S which are covered for 2,000 hours.

The Nilfisk combination sweeper/scrubber/dryers the CS7000 and the CS7765 which are covered for 2,500 hours.

The Nilfisk battery and LPG powered rider sweepers, the SR1101 and the SW4000 and the SR1301 which are covered for 1,800 hours.

The exceptions are the batteries, which are covered only for the first year, they are covered 100% for the first 90 days, and then pro-rated over the rest of the year. External battery chargers have a warranty period of one year.

The Nilfisk battery and LPG and diesel powered rider sweepers, the SR1601 and the  SW8000 which are covered for 2,500 hours.

The Gerni mid-range of commercial hot water high pressure washers and cleaners, the Gerni Neptune 4-28 FA and the 4-50FAX

The Gerni Premium range of commercial high pressure cleaners and washers, the cold water Poseidon 5-30PA and the Poseidon 5-56PA and the hot water Neptune 5-61FAX

The Gerni heavy duty pressure cleaners and washers, the cold water Poseidon 5-64FA and Poseidon 7-67FA and the Poseidon 8-111 and the hot water Gerni Neptune 7-63FA and the Gerni 8-103 as well as the Gerni Uno and the Gerni Duo and the Gerni Truck Boosters which are all covered for 3,000 hours.

With the security of the Nilfisk three year warranty, the client has the responsibility to specifically register the equipment purchased, although a responsible Nilfisk partner, such as TVD will assist with this.

The on-site warranty travel content is limited to a two hour round trip, so an hour away from the workshop, and back, or the client can choose to deliver the machine to a service centre if further away than that.

The length of the warranty period is a maximum of three years, or the relevant maximum hours for the machine, from 1,800 to 3,000

Faulty products will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Nilfisk.

However, the costs of removal, freight, and travelling expenses etc. Will have to be paid by the claimant.

The Nilfisk 3 year warranty applies with the assertion the product has been used in accordance with Nilfisk’s instruction manual and it hasn't been damaged by negligence, misuse, neglect or abuse.

Neither will it cover faulty installation, incorrect adjustment or tampering by any person other than by a representative of Nilfisk or one of its Authorised Service Centres.

Non genuine Nilfisk/Gerni components or accessories fitted to the machines, won't be covered either.

A representative of Nilfisk or one of its Authorised Service Centres may choose to charge the customer a service fee if an inspection reveals the alleged fault or faults are caused by incorrect operation, contrary to the Nilfisk instruction manual, and/or the product has not had preventive maintenance carried out as stated in the Nilfisk service manual. This service fee, depending on the complexity of the equipment, will be disclosed to the client, for their acceptance, prior to the inspection being undertaken.

Nilfisk has been developing cleaning machines for more than 100 years and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment.

To find our more, call us today on 08 9362 6044 or Nilfisk on 1300 556 710.

This information and general interest piece, has been written by Andy Hawcroft as a plain English interpretation of the Nilfisk 3 year warranty asserting the equipment covered and used responsibly after reading and understanding the instructions will have negligible issues and give a trouble free life.

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