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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk SR1601 D3 Maxi Ride-On Kubota Diesel Powered Rider Sweeper

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SKU 13300148

Nilfisk SR1601 D3 Maxi Diesel Powered Rider Sweeper With DustGuard Dust Suppression

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With the optional second PPL side broom, the Nilfisk SR1601 D3 Maxi's extraordinary 160cm wide sweeping path lets operators sweep and clean large areas, such as boat yards, aircraft hangers, parking lots, warehouses and large factory floors.

The free-floating 90cm main PPL broom has fine tuning to increase both productivity and performance. NoTools system for broom removal and replacement.

With the innovative DustGuard™ misting system on the front side brooms, it efficiently controls dusty areas, leaving a cleaner environment behind.

SR1601 D3 is designed with attention to details that matter in 2017, such as better safety features, easier operator control. The power-steering gives excellent manoeuvrability for cleaning around tight environments.

MaxAccess system enables swift and easy access to facilitate servicing and simple maintenance.

The strong polyethylene covers and bumpers offer high driving protection and absorb bumps and knocks

It's also available with a 3 cylinder Kubota 31 HP engine powered by LPG and as a 48 Volt battery powered version.

The Nilfisk SR1601 Diesel Maxi includes:
1 x 33018853 PPL Main Broom 1 x 33017255 PPL Side Broom

1 x 8-24-04139-1 Paper Filter 1 x 33019174 Adjustable Steering Kit

1 x 56507038 Amber Strobe Light 1 x 33019556 Right Armrest Kit

1 x 33022245 Foamed Wheel Kit 1 x 33019175 PreMisting System

Technical Data SR1601 D

Propulsion Method; Three cylinder 24.8 HP Kubota diesel motor

Sound Pressure Level; 88 dB(A)  Working Speed; 12 km/h

Main Broom Diameter; 90cm    Side Broom Diameter; 55 cm

Sweeping Path mm (with 2 side brooms) 1600

Single Side Broom Sweeping Path; 125cm   Sweeping Path Main Broom Only; 90cm

Productivity (Two side broom) 19,200 m²/h (theoretical) 13,400 m²/h (actual)

Maximum Dumping Height; 159 cm Maximum Dumping Weight; 364 kg

Hopper Volume; 315 Litre

Dimensions; 220cm Long x 132cm Wide 146cm High  Gross Mass; 1070kg

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