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Nilfisk's Three Year Warranty On Selected Professional Cleaning Equipment

Andrew Hawcroft combination machines floor scrubbers maintenance Nilfisk pressure cleaners pressure washers responsible ownership stand-on scrubber sweepers Warranty

Nilfisk's Three Year Warranty ​Nilfisk as a manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment, are committed to providing products of the highest quality. Nilfisk are delighted to offer a 3 year warranty on selected industrial cleaning products when newly purchased through their partners, such as us here at TVD (The Vacuum Doctor) in Western Australia. The new 3 year warranty program covers a range of products including a selection of sweepers, scrubber/dryers, combination machines and industrial high pressure cleaners. Nilfisk's philosophy, is, the Nilfisk 3 year warranty will give Nilfisk's partners, dealers and agents, client's, peace of mind and reassurance when investing...

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Eve's Doesn't Suck Like When We First Moved In Together!

Andy Hawcroft blockage Christmas ducted vacuum cleaner Eve Jihan Jeffers-Cooper EVS Electron maintenance Special Offer

OK, so I made a spelling mistake! I often hear the above phrase when owners of an EVS Electron ducted vacuum system, call us to service on of these otherwise, very reliable ducted vacuum cleaner system. The sound of the machine is good, the vacuum is still picking up, the householder has checked the dust container, cleaned off the filter, by vacuuming it, and rinsing it with water, and allowing it to properly dry in the sun, but it still lacks something in it's air-flow performance. Testing it against your hand will make the system ramp up to full vacuum,...

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Race In To TVD For These Nilfisk Special Offers!

Andy Hawcroft Nilfisk Special Offer stand-on scrubber

Race In To TVD For These Nilfisk Special Offers! Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth!! Clean-Up With These Odds-On Specials From TVD And Nilfisk! Racing Specials!

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TVD's Third Year On American Express's Shop Small Australia

Andrew Hawcroft American Express AMEX Australian milk bars Eamon Donnelly Nilfisk Shop Small AU

This November will be our third year on #ShopSmallAU from American Express. Shop Small is a movement begun by American Express, dedicated to helping Australian business owners like TVD to keep AMEX Card Members coming through our doors. Businesses that accept American Express are featured on AMEX's interactive Shop Small Map which Card Members can use to find local businesses like ours, who are in their community, so they can benefit by generating the reward points, travel and business benefits, that premium cards provide. Premium cards, are usually held by people who enjoy their shopping, with extra benefits. During Shop Small, AMEX card...

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Neil Fish Fixes Nilfix Vacuum Cleaners

Andy Hawcroft Nil Fix Nilfish Nilfisk Nilfiski Nilfix

Neil Fish Fixes Nilfix Vacuum Cleaners People often ask me, "who Neil Fish is?" or is that Neal Fisk?I reply with, "It's not Neil Fish, it's Nile Fish!"And that's quite true in a way, for the Nile Fish, the Mormyrus fish is a freshwater elephant fish that sucks up invertibrates buried in the muddy bottom of African rivers. The River Nile can be counted as an African river, and hence, that was chosen by Nilfisk as their logo.   It was a great synergy really, as of course the Fisk came from the old Norse meaning for fish, "fiskr" and...

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