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$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!
$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!

Nilfisk BR855 Battery Operated Rider Floor Scrubber Complete With FREE Freight!

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Nilfisk BR855 Battery Operated Rider Floor Scrubber Complete

Free delivery to commercial addresses within Australia!

Better ergonomics, better reliability, better cleaning    Factsheet HERE

The BR755 BR755C and the BR855 is the next generation of scrubber/dryers, with focus on performance, ergonomics and reliability.

We sold 2 of the BR855 to a Perth hospital a few years ago, and provided the maintenance to them, and the rest of the Nilfisk cleaning equipment, on one of our maintenance agreements.

Key features include an extremely low sound level, with the integrated 3 stage vacuum helping to reduce the noise level to just 63dB(A) making daytime cleaning possible in sensitive areas, still with excellent drying efficiency, with the new squeegee design for top drying performance.

The new innovative Ecoflex system not only controls the cleaning solution consumption  but it also guarantees the possibility to boost temporarily water, detergent and brush pressure for more aggressive cleaning tasks without compromising the cleaning performance; Green Meets Clean.

Easy to operate, user friendly, waterproof one touch control panel. Adjustable scrubbing pressure ensures better results regardless of the dirt level.

The BR855's high manoeuvrability allows cleaning in congested areas, and outstanding traction for efficient double scrubbing tasks.

Large battery compartment enables larger batteries to be used for more than 4.5 hours running time.

Eligible for 3 year warranty (conditions apply)


Scrub Brush Motor Power; 480Watts  Vacuum Motor Power; 560Watts

Traction Speed; 6.3 km/hr Battery Voltage; 24Volts Sound Pressure Level; 63 (Db(A)

Theoretical Productivity Rate;  5400 m/hr.   Actual Productivity Rate;  3800 m/hr.

Brush Pressure; 40/65/96 kg Mass With Batteries: 660kg Mass Witout Batteries: 246kg

Clean Solution Tank Capacity: 106 Litres Recovery Tank Capacity; 106 Litres.

Scrubbing Width; 86cm  Recovery Squeegee Width; 105cm   Brush Width; 2 x 35cm  

Dimensions: 152cm long x 92cm wide x 131cm high

Maximise the FREE FREIGHT offer on this item, on our website, anything purchased along side it, such as in the related items below, such as extra filters, fittings or accessories, will also be shipped free, Australia wide!