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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!
Secondhand Cleaning Equipment Is A Valuable Tool For Occasional Use Or A First Line Substitute!

Secondhand Cleaning Equipment Is A Valuable Tool For Occasional Use Or A First Line Substitute!

"Please can you fix this for me, because we have an urgent job to do?"

That's a very common phrase heard by repairers everywhere, be it about cars, computers or mobile devices!

So without getting bogged down with issues such as waiting your turn, or replacement parts not being in stock, or even your hard-worked trusty machine, being beyond safe repair. A great solution is to acquire a pool of good secondhand cleaning equipment, so a vacuum cleaner carpet cleaner or large area upright vacuum cleaner or a floor polisher or even a floor scrubber, can be substituted, at a moments notice, so that $1,000 job, you need to carry out for an important client, is not lost, or you, or your life partners day's work isn't disrupted.

On our website, we have a dedicated page, that frequently changes, with the secondhand and our workshop refurbished equipment we have available. Most items will have some form of warranty, which may be quite generous if we have knowledge of the buyer, and the work the machine will be required to do!

I actually know of some machines we sold over twenty years ago, as secondhand and are still going strong, the standout star is an Advance Aquaclean 12" that was bought by the YMCA when it was over ten years old, and I was still servicing it twenty five years later, and it was used most weeks of the year!

We also have a good stock of secondhand parts for the old trusty Tellus and Nilfisk vacuum cleaners, that we regularly send to owners of Nilfisk equipment all over the world!

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