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Bye Bye Burswood!

Andy Hawcroft Burswood ducted vacuum cleaner floor scrubbers Landsdale maintenance Nilfisk pressure cleaners pressure washers replacement parts sweepers upright vacuum cleaner workshop repair

Bye Bye Burswood! After more than 20 years in Burswood, Andy and the team at TVD are bidding the area farewell, to move to Landsdale in Perth’s northern suburbs. From Monday 10th June, we will be found at Unit 8/35, Darlot Road Landsdale WA6065 just off Mirrabooka Avenue. It’s our desire at TVD, to give our Australia wide customers as well as our increasing world-wide customers the experience they are seeking, with first class  access to Nilfisk brands of products such as Gerni and Nilfisk-ALTO hot and cold water pressure washer parts and vacuum cleaner parts, specialist Nilfisk professional and institutional cleaning...

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The Doctor's New Clothes!

Andy Hawcroft aged care blockage carpet cleaning machine floor scrubbers hospitals industry maintenance manufacturing Nilfisk pressure washers specialist vacuum cleaners sweepers upright vacuum cleaner

It took a long time! However we finally got around to dressing our service vans so they were the same! We thank Devin and the very patient staff at Standout Signs in Wangara Western Australia for bearing with us over the twelve months it took us to get around to finally give them the OK to go ahead and wrap the vehicles. The last year had been quite demanding, and it didn't seem like it would ever happen. There were a couple of stories we wanted to tell with the service vehicles. The one to casual observers who we passed, the...

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The Nilfisk Horizon Program For Autonomous Cleaning Equipment Or Nilfisk Robots Are Coming!!

Andy Hawcroft ACE Autonomous Cleaning Equipment Carnegie Robotics floor scrubbers Nilfisk Robotic Cleaning Equipment stand-on scrubber

The Nilfisk Horizon Program For Autonomous Cleaning Equipment Or The Nilfisk Robots Are Coming!! Until lately, autonomous cleaning equipment (ACE) let’s just call them cleaning robots! has focused on the domestic market, mainly with robotic vacuum cleaners, whilst neglecting big businesses needs for professional cleaning robots (ACE). During the development of cleaning robots (ACE), having constantly effective suction and navigating a pathway where objects may move at random, have been some of the major factors limiting its progress. Interestingly, the first robot vacuum cleaner to go into production was the  Electrolux Trilobite,which used ultrasonic sensors and was featured on the BBC’s TV program...

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Secondhand Cleaning Equipment Is A Valuable Tool For Occasional Use Or A First Line Substitute!

Andy Hawcroft Advance Aquaclean carpet cleaning machine floor scrubbers Nilfisk upholstery cleaning upright vacuum cleaner

"Please can you fix this for me, because we have an urgent job to do?" That's a very common phrase heard by repairers everywhere, be it about cars, computers or mobile devices! So without getting bogged down with issues such as waiting your turn, or replacement parts not being in stock, or even your hard-worked trusty machine, being beyond safe repair. A great solution is to acquire a pool of good secondhand cleaning equipment, so a vacuum cleaner carpet cleaner or large area upright vacuum cleaner or a floor polisher or even a floor scrubber, can be substituted, at a moments notice,...

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Nilfisk's Three Year Warranty On Selected Professional Cleaning Equipment

Andrew Hawcroft combination machines floor scrubbers maintenance Nilfisk pressure cleaners pressure washers responsible ownership stand-on scrubber sweepers Warranty

Nilfisk's Three Year Warranty ​Nilfisk as a manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment, are committed to providing products of the highest quality. Nilfisk are delighted to offer a 3 year warranty on selected industrial cleaning products when newly purchased through their partners, such as us here at TVD (The Vacuum Doctor) in Western Australia. The new 3 year warranty program covers a range of products including a selection of sweepers, scrubber/dryers, combination machines and industrial high pressure cleaners. Nilfisk's philosophy, is, the Nilfisk 3 year warranty will give Nilfisk's partners, dealers and agents, client's, peace of mind and reassurance when investing...

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