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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk Professional Cleaning Equipment Repairs And Maintenance

All Nilfisk equipment is manufactured to need as little maintenance as possible, however, there are times and situations when preventive maintenance is desirable.

As a Nilfisk trained service person, Andy the proprietor, understands this, despite the lower cost of buying new equipment, especially the excellent HEPA Filtered vacuum cleaners, such as the VP300HEPA 

Entities such as large teaching hospitals, manufacturing plants and universities, and spread-out entities such as aged care providers, need to have their valuable equipment such as battery operated, microprocessor controlled floor scrubbers and internal combination engine powered floor sweepers which sweep, scrub and dry concrete floors in warehouses, maintained properly, on site.

Andy understands that well used equipment needs more maintenance than occasionally used equipment.

That equipment used by a single dedicated user, needs less maintenance than a piece of equipment that anyone jumps on and uses.

We don't sell inflexible tiered programs of maintenance, we tailor customised agreement to a clients specific needs.

If you think you can benefit from a TVD maintenance agreement, when most of your maintenance costs can be planned and budgeted for, Contact Us for a quotation.


  1. No charge for mileage or traveling time.
  2. All labour costs are covered.
  3. Maintenance visits are planned to suit the client.
  4. Breakdown calls between visits incur no service fee ($55) or labour charge ($15 per 10 minute intervals).
  5. Operators will be trained as required during service visits.
  6. By using TVD (The Vacuum Doctor) service engineers your valuable maintenance  staff are released for important work around the property for work they understand better.
  7. Regular and skilled maintenance means practically no downtime and the integrity of the equipment is kept.
  8. Advice is free during the contract year.
  9. Service engineer will have your renewal notice ready after the final service of the contract year; no risk of non-protection.
  10. No delivery charge for any supplies made by TVD (The Vacuum Doctor) to the business, during the contract year.
  11. No charge for "workshop supplies" or "sundry items"
  12. No charge for PAT Testing and Tagging when carried out as part of a TVD Maintenance Agreement

Preventive maintenance means expensive cleaning equipment is always ready for use, ensuring that cleaning staff will always have safe and efficient tools with which to work

The real advantages to you are, reduced costs, at a regular frequency, enabling accurate budgeting throughout the year, so your valuable staff can efficiently clean the property with reliable equipment.

Our flexibility allows us to service equipment at times to suit the client thus minimising disturbance to cleaning staff.

We strive to exceed our customer's expectations and always offer a friendly yet highly professional service.

Records are kept on all equipment that has been serviced or fixed so you don't have to worry about storing documentation

Our clients include domestic home-owners, major healthcare providers, Government departments and many well known Australian and World-wide companies!

We also provide breakdown only maintenance, where our skilled technician attends your site, and carry out repairs from our well stocked service van.

If your business will not be inconvenienced by equipment being off site, bring the machines to our workshop, for us to fix and avoid the service fee.

By using TVD, your floor sweepers, scrubbers, pressure cleaners and specialist professional Nilfisk cleaning equipment will be maintained and repaired in the traditional Nilfisk way, with genuine parts.

Andy Hawcroft