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$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!
$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!

Central Ducted Vacuum Repairs

Prompt and Efficient Service to Perth's Built-In Ducted Vacuum Systems Removing Blockages and Carrying Out In-Home Repairs

Call Perth 0412 989 837 To Arrange Your Prompt Appointment Today!

For over 21 years, TVD (The Vacuum Doctor) has been carrying out in-home service on ducted central vacuum systems in some of  Perth's finest homes. Brands include EVS Electron, Valet, Lux, Electrolux, Volta, AstroVac, AussieVac, BVC, Beam, Cache, Cyclo Vac, DAS, Hills, Hoover, Monarch, Premier Clean Silentmaster, Solarvac to name a few.

We also supply replacement systems and parts, see HERE

Most common faults, about 90% of them are simply blockages, caused by toys, inserted by curious kids, Christmas trimmings, socks etc. and these are generally fixed within the standard $135 for the first half hour service charge (Between Yanchep and Port Kennedy and $180 for the first HOUR after those points, eg Mandurah)

After that, it's $15 per 10 minute interval or part thereof. Check our FAQ Page HERE


We can arrange insurance quotes for systems with burnt out motors, and in some situations especially during this pandemic, it may be more advisable to replace the whole unit, at a VERY SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE on  this page with an EVS unit ,which has a very good cartridge filter system.

Our highly skilled technician can also repair faulty electronic units that are increasingly being fitted to these units.

Sometimes vacuum sweeping outlets under built in kitchens can be tricky to do without damage to cupboards and can be very expensive to replace. Once we come and visit, we'll give a guideline price depending on the situation.

Also, most ducted outlets are white, so should cream, black or gold be required, there may be a delay whilst we order the matching parts.

Please bear in mind, outlets have changed over the past 25 years and we may have to fit a current outlet to complete the repair. However we'll discuss the alternatives, should that be necessary. However, replacing a ducted vacuum outlet may dislodge paint and plaster, however, we will do so as carefully as possible.

Property managers and landlords are frequent uses of our services for their leased and rental properties.

Call Andy on 0412 989 837 for a mutually agreeable appointment time, or fill in our contact form