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Secondhand Very Popular Nilfisk-Advance AX400 Carpet Extraction Machine - TVD The Vacuum Doctor


Secondhand Very Popular Nilfisk-Advance AX400 Carpet Extraction Machine

Style: AX400

ONE ONLY - Secondhand Very Popular Nilfisk AX400 Carpet Extraction Machine

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The Nilfisk AX400 also known as the Advance Aquaclean has been used for the last 30 years or so in aged care facilities across Australia, and we are still maintaining and repairing them each month.

The aged care environment, with it's challenging floor conditions is a testament to the lasting quality of these American made machines.

This specific machine illustrated here, is a machine previously owned by an aged care facility, and although not on a maintenance plan, was serviced, both by us, and Nilfisk.

It's been through our workshop, and checked out by Roland, and it's a good specimen! The brush isn't worn, and bristles splayed out by over adjustment.

The pump is smooth and quiet, delivering great pressure.

The vacuum motor is free from wear noise.

The brush drive mechanism is strong and with very little wear.

It's a fabulous package, and if the machine is sold within 100 km radius of Perth, we'll give it a 3 month warranty on the labour component of any repairs, with only parts used during a repair being charged for.

For your information, I used to service a machine for YMCA that they bought as a ten year old second-hand machine, and it lasted a further 15 years until the facility was closed down a couple of years ago.

Maximise the FREE FREIGHT offer on this stalwart machine, and anything purchased alongside it, such as in the related items below, such as extra filters, fittings or accessories or extra hose, will also be shipped free, Australia wide!

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