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$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Advance Aquaclean Carpet Extraction Machine Page For Your Information Only


Advance Aquaclean Carpet Extraction Machine

This page is for your information related to its operation and its Replacement Parts

The Advance Aquaclean 12" and 15" are now replaced by the extremely versatile Nilfisk ES300

AX400 and Nilfisk AX300 Operators Manual is HERE      Nilfisk AX400 and the AX300 Parts List is HERE

The Advance Aquaclean 12" and 15" were both sold and used widely over the last 30 years or so in many aged care facilities across Australia, and we are still maintaining and repairing them each month.

The aged care environment, with it's challenging floor conditions is a testament to the lasting quality of these very popular American made machines.

However, in the mid 1990's Nilfisk brought it's close relative, the Greyline version, the AX400 into Australia.

Before 1994 on the Advance Aquaclean, the brush drive was on the opposite side, see the second photo.

Note: SKU 56264357 12" Brush is obsolete and unavailable

SKU 56264024 Adapter Bracket Kit is obsolete and unavailable

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