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$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!
Five Star Review On Google From Returning To Nilfisk Basic Principles Of Dust Management!

Five Star Review On Google From Returning To Nilfisk Basic Principles Of Dust Management!

By returning to the #NilfiskNoRisk basic principles of dust management with the iconic Nilfisk GM80 we got a 5 star review on Google!

The customer being an electrician, wanted a vacuum cleaner, to control the dust created whilst chasing walls, however, he thought all the semi-automatic filter cleaning dust extraction machines were too big and heavy, and I can enthusiastically agree with that!

He was happy to go to with my suggestion of using the ORIGINAL fine dust management machine, the Nilfisk GM80, which with it's huge 2,000cm2 area main filter copes with it with ease, and for longer, and the filter can be more effectively cleaned and faster, than any of the modern machines!

The Nilfisk GM80 is light and incredibly strong and more convenient to store on tradies vans, and carry to the job, particularly when doing work where people are working or living.

Should the suction drop off, simply stop the machine, quickly pick up the machine by the handle, lift it off the floor 15cm and drop back down, then start the vacuum again, that takes less than 10 seconds! That simple action, allows the fine dust stuck to the top of the dustbag to drop down, and allows the full airflow to return.

If you're doing more intensive work, or not using a dustbag, and the suction drops off, simply stop the machine, quickly un-clip the motor pod, and remove it from the container.

Then reach into the filter container, pick up the inside of the main filter by the blue disc, and pull it up to its furthest out position, and give it a quick shake, and then push it back down.

Replace the motor pod, and switch it on, and once more, that action very effectively, cleans the dust from the main filter, and allows any dust stuck to the top of the dustbag, if one is fitted, to drop down, and allow full airflow to return.

Both of these tips, will allow intensive work to continue for a very good while. The GM80's main filter will last for 30 years or so, all parts are current and still available. The dustbags are big and cheap, compared to the newer alternatives, and at TVD, we can custom make hoses to be used with the chasing machines and grinders, allowing the normal hose kit to be kept for cleaning up once the task is complete.

This principle was great in 1907 when this iconic vacuum was born, and it still applies in 2017!


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