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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!
The Doctor's New Clothes!

The Doctor's New Clothes!

It took a long time! However we finally got around to dressing our service vans so they were the same!

We thank Devin and the very patient staff at Standout Signs in Wangara Western Australia for bearing with us over the twelve months it took us to get around to finally give them the OK to go ahead and wrap the vehicles. The last year had been quite demanding, and it didn't seem like it would ever happen.

There were a couple of stories we wanted to tell with the service vehicles. The one to casual observers who we passed, the simple message, that primarily, we carried out maintenance and repairs for professional users of the Nilfisk brands of cleaning equipment, which include the Gerni and ALTO pressure washers and the WAP cleaning equipment which is a very popular brand in Africa, and there are very many highly qualified people from the continent of Africa, that work in influential positions living here in Western Australia!

We also carry out repairs on central ducted vacuum systems, both for industry, and residential properties, especially real estate property managers.

In addition to letting people on the highways and city streets know we are around, when we are in the service yards of our hospitals, aged care places, local government, and industrial and manufacturing plants, employees of those places, know the brands of equipment that are at their workplaces, and when they then see the names in the shops and the advertising media, will say, "Oh, we have that Nilfisk stuff at work, they must be good!"

Likewise with other departments, we hope to consolidate our presence with a client, rather than scatter ourselves thinly, far and wide, we have great confidence in our service, we're here for a long-time not a short-time!

You also might notice we publish our website rather than a phone number. We hope by directing interested people there, they are more informed by the time they make contact with us. Because we are just a small team, we want our initial conversations with new clients to be at a more meaningful level, who have a stronger idea of what they want when they contact us not just call because they happen to be at the back of one of our vans at the traffic lights!

Since we got dressed, we have been most humbled by the amount of favourable comments we have on our new livery! If you see us in your community, maybe you'll give us a "like" on our Facebook page!


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