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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!
I'm Gerni Mad! Unable To Get Parts!

I'm Gerni Mad! Unable To Get Parts!

I'm Gerni Mad! - Unable To Get Parts!

We share your pain!

A "brand" cos it's all about the "brand" these days, gives you the confidence for you to buy their products, because you've seen the bright POS packaging, that's "Point Of Sale" packaging, designed to be enticing for you to pick up and buy.

And Gerni is a well known name here in Australia right?

So when things go pear shaped, with the Gerni consumer pressure washer, you head to your favourite search engine, and begin the hunt for parts.

Being a well promoted brand, it's all over the web, and you begin to track down what you need, and to cut a long story short, you get nowhere, fast! No availability, "Can't get parts", "Try the major hardware store" Another major "Brand" cos it's all about the "brand", remember?

Here at "The Vacuum Doctor" we brand ourselves as "TVD", because although “The Vacuum Doctor” says what we do, it also gives the impression, we fix only vacuums, and any vacuum cleaners, and we repair stuff, with glue and silicon, and we're cheap! Which we're not, and we're Nilfisk brand specific, but that's by the by.

So, returning to the brand TVD, If we were going to flog it off, or make it available to a distributor, I wouldn't want it to wither in the process, I'd want it to flourish and bloom and prosper!

I'd make a plan, to retain my resellers, agents and dealers. I'd say, "there's going to be a hiccup in the supply chain, so we suggest, you invest in a month's extra stock." Because it shouldn't take much longer than that should it?

The new owner or distributor, would get their warehouse ready, for the influx of TVD product, they'd ensure accounts were in place for the existing dealers and agents, to make the changeover as smooth as possible.

And I'm sure there's dozens of other preparatory tasks that we would carry out, so we inconvenienced all interested parties as little as possible.

We've just refunded about thirty Gerni customers their monies, for parts that are never going to arrive.

To help Gerni Professional pressure washer owners, we've differentiated them, from Gerni Consumer products, because the Gerni Professional products are still flowing through to us.

The consumer parts, we don't have on the shelf, have all being marked as unavailable, and as our shelves empty, the rest of the items well join them.

Gerni Consumer product owners, continue to call us, and enquire as to the availability of parts. Rumours are beginning to circulate, in the absence of an official plan.

That all important “brand” you can bet, will be retained by its international owner, it left once before and turned into the very successful Gerni Powerclean before returning to the fold in the early noughties.

We know that the green Gerni Consumer product, is very soon going to become a Blue Nilfisk consumer product, and eventually replacement parts and accessories will once more, be available.

What we don't know is when.


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