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$25 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!
$25 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!

Nilfisk CA531 Electrically Operated Floor Scrubber Drier Replaced By Scrubtec 553E

SKU 908-7145-020NAK
Nilfisk CA531 230V Electrically Operated Automatic Floor Scrubber Drier
Factsheet HERE     Now Replaced By Nilfisk-ALTO Scrubtec 553E

The walk-behind series has retained the best of the former generation, but offers more comfort and productivity in an improved design. All machines are equipped with ECO Solution, which when activated reduces water consumption by 50%. Only 1 L of water is used for cleaning as much as 64 m². The battery version is the Nilfisk BA531D

The Nilfisk CA531 has a very low noise level allowing daytime cleaning anywhere, even in noise sensitive areas. Floors are cleaned and dried in one single pass and the compact design permits cleaning right to the edge, even in congested areas.  EDS - ECO Dosage Solution - is offered as an option, ensuring longer time on the floor. With EDS you can use 38 water tank loads (of 40 L) before the highly concentrated detergent cartridge needs changing.  Up to 10% more running time with the same battery packs also ensures longer time on the floor.  This series makes effective floor cleaning a fast, quiet and inexpensive task.

 Main features include:

  • Low noise level
  • Recovery tank can be tilted allowing easy access to the internal components and battery maintenance
  • EDS (ECO Dosage Solution) for automatic and accurate detergent mixing with direct injection. Offered as an optional kit $863 extra
  • Adjustable brush pressure, 45 to 53 cm interchangeable decks allow customisation to the cleaning task
  • Complete with prolene brush and pad holders
  • 1900 watt motor, 55 litre tank, 53 cm working width
  • Theoretical productivity rate of 2,100 sq. m per hour
  • 185 Kg

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