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$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!
$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!

Nilfisk-ALTO 553E Electric Powered Auto Floor Scrubber-Drier NLA

SKU 9087184020
Nilfisk-ALTO 553E Electric Powered Auto-Scrubber Drier

Battery Version HERE   Factsheet HERE

The Nilfisk-ALTO 553E is a very inexpensive solution for cleaning floors with very low running costs.

Easy to operate with little maintenance required, and as electric power is constantly available, the 553E could be used constantly around the clock.

No expensive to maintain batteries, just sensible management of the electrical cord, and maintenance costs are very small, and your utilisation of this machine is very high!

They have a very low noise level, allowing daytime cleaning, a work method becoming more popular, everywhere, even in noise sensitive areas.

Floors are cleaned and dried in a single pass, and the compact design permits cleaning right to the edge, even in congested areas.

EDS - ECO Dosage Solution - is offered as an option, ensuring longer time on the floor. Also with EDS you can use thirty eight tank loads of 40 Litres of water before the highly concentrated detergent cartridge needs changing.

All of this goes to make effective floor cleaning a fast, quiet and inexpensive task.

Main features include:

    * Recovery tank can be tilted allowing easy access to the internal components for maintenance
    * EDS (ECO Dosage Solution) for automatic and accurate detergent mixing with direct injection. Offered as an optional kit
    * Ergonomic handle reducing operator fatigue * Complete with prolene brush and pad holders
    * The 53 cm working width gives a theoretical productivity rate of 2,100 sq. m per hour
    * Symmetric brush on/off system allows left/right cleaning to the edge. * Adjustable brush pressure

    The photos I've used are of the battery version, the 553 BL

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