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Nilfisk and Tellus GMP 1200 Watt Complete Vacuum Cleaner Motor Head - TVD The Vacuum Doctor


Nilfisk and Tellus GMP 1200 Watt Complete Vacuum Cleaner Motor Head

Style: 12112153 $501.00

Most commonly used in the iconic Nilfisk GM80 and the Nilfisk and Tellus GA71 GS81 and GM81 industrial vacuum cleaner and the Nilfisk GS82 and GM82 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner and the Nilfisk GM625 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner range of Nilfisk and Tellus commercial and industrial  vacuum cleaners.

The Nilfisk GMP 1200 Watt motor head replaces the Nilfisk GMI and GMD MOTOR FAN UNITS in the Nilfisk professional vacuum cleaners.

This 1200 Watt motor can be used as an upgrade for GSD Motors in all other units such as Nilfisk GM90 and GS90 and GS80 and GS81 and GS82,

It should not be used In The Nilfisk GS83 and GM83 where it will take it over the 10A rating of the power points.

It will also replace a GSD Motors or GSP motor instantly giving them a power boost!

It can even be put into the early Nilfisk and Tellus GA70 with the Nilfisk and Tellus GAD and GAE motor pod, and in seconds it's brought up to current specifications!

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