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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk SC8000 Diesel Rider Scrubber-Drier With Cylindrical Brush Scrubbing Deck

SKU 56108127

Nilfisk SC8000 Diesel Rider Scrubber-Drier With Counter Rotating Cylindrical Brush Scrubbing Deck

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The 37.5 HP Nilfisk SC8000 1.5 Litre Diesel powered large area scrubber dryer with its heavy duty counter rotating cylindrical scrub deck is designed for use on very large areas of profiled floors, such as Pirelli rubber stud none slip flooring and other slip resistant floor surfaces, as well as checker-plate and rough concrete etc.

With a 152 cm scrubbing path and a 380 litre solution tank and a working speed of 13 km/h, one-pass cleaning can be carried out with ease on very large warehouse floors and in very large cool rooms.

Environmentally friendly for both operator and the surroundings with the DustGuard misting system for dust free cleaning.

The front of the machine, is protected with rollers to minimise risk of damage to the machine, or the facility fixtures and fittings. Safe and easy operation with the OneTouch control panel.

The 152 cm squeegee enables 100% water pick ups on tight turns, leaving the floors clean, dry and safe for foot traffic.

Eligible for Nilfisk's 3 year Warranty (conditions apply)


Propulsion Engine Type; Diesel   Motor Type 4 Cylinders 35HP 1.5 Litres

Vacuum Motor Airflow 170 Lit/Sec   Depression; 10.3 kPa

Sound Pressure Level; 84 (Db(A)   Scrub/Sweep Width; 152 cm

Forward Speed; 13km/hr   Reverse Speed; km/hr   Squeegee Width; 152 cm

Theoretical Productivity Rate;  19,760 m/hr.   Actual Productivity Rate;  13,830 m/hr.

Main Brush Pressure; 55 / 110 / 180kg  Cylindrical Brush Length; 2 x 122 cm

Right Brush Pressure; 34 / 45 / 63  Right Brush Diameter; 41 cm

Clean Solution Tank Capacity: 380 Litres Recovery Tank Capacity; 380 Litres

Hopper Volume; 42 Litres   Dimensions: 254 cm long x 167 cm wide x 147 cm high

Mass Without Batteries; 1,454 kg   Mass With Batteries; 1,834 kg

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