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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk GM Motor Fan Unit To Replace The Motor In GMP Vacuum Cleaner Motors

SKU 12125005

This Nilfisk motor fan unit kit, pictured with its box, fits inside the Nilfisk and Tellus GMP motor heads 12112153 in the second photograph with the two pods on it.

Incidental information.

The GMP motor is currently used in the Nilfisk and Tellus GM80 and the Nilfisk and Tellus GA71 GS81 and GM81 industrial vacuum cleaner and the Nilfisk GS82 and GM82 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner and the Nilfisk GM90 and GS90 and the Nilfisk GM625 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner as well as the Nilfisk GM626 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner  It is manufactured by Ametek

Should the earlier GS80 or GM80 or GS90 or GM90 GSD or GMI motors fail, they can be completely replaced by using Nilfisk and Tellus GMP motor heads 12112153 bringing them up to current power specifications of 1200Watts.

NOTE: The motors have different initials in different countries.

From the 70's the motors were GSD Motors (GST and GSJ etc) motors. The GS generally means Seven Hundred Watt (700Watt RMS Power)

In The 80's, Nilfisk went to the GMI (GMD GMJ GMT) Motors GM generally means Mega, One Thousand Watt (1,000Watts) see Nilfisk GMI and GMD MOTOR FAN UNITS

In mid 90's Nilfisk went to the square, metal body, Philips motor fan unit in a motor casing called the GMP (There's the GSP too, remember S for seven? Well now it means 800Watt, understand? Clear as mud!!)

GMP of course means 1200Watts!!

As the year 2000 came, Nilfisk began to use a motor from Ametek (With this white hard plastic body) and assembled it as this SKU 12125005 as a kit that would replace the motor in GMP motor heads.

Simple, isn't it?

SAFETY WARNING! All electrical parts should ONLY be fitted by an electrically COMPETENT person.

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