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Nilfisk-Alto Attix and IVB5 and IVB7 TYPE M PET Pleated Filter Cartridge - TVD The Vacuum Doctor


Nilfisk-Alto Attix and IVB5 and IVB7 TYPE M PET Pleated Filter Cartridge

Style: 302000751 $118.00

Nilfisk-Alto Attix and the Nilfisk Grey-Line IVB5 M and the Nilfisk IVB7 M wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner PET filter cartridge for MEDIUM classed dusts, dry and wet use, can be cleaned by rinsing. For the HIGH class dust filter, click here TYPE H Filter 107400564


But firstly let the semi "automatic" filter cleaning mechanism go through several 20 second cycles, by starting the machine with your hand blocking off the hose inlet. This will make it "WHOOMP" loudly twice, and blow the dust from the pleats of the filters. If this hasn't been done whilst it's been used, just shallow pulses, with not much 'WHOOMP" the dust will have become packed tightly into the pleats.

When these come to the workshop, with reports of poor suction, that's what we do first, and most of the time great suction returns after half a dozen twenty second cycles.


DO NOT bash these filters on walls or the ground, the pleats will distort, and possibly split and dirt will be drawn into the motor compartment.


When removing the filters from the motorhead, keep the filter downwards, and pull the cartridge down, so dust falls away from the entrance to the motor, and doesn't contaminate inside the motor head.

At the moment, as standard postage within Australia, is capped at a maximum of $20, Maximise the saving on postage and buy several Puregiene toilet rolls a box of Tissues and some soap or maybe some packets of dustbags, or a hose or a new floor tool, or some other accessories!