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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Electron EVS2606 Ducted Vacuum Cleaner System No Longer Available Choose EVS2808


The Electron EVS2606 Now Replaced By The Electron EVS 2808

The EVS Electron range, was in our opinion, one of the finest built-in ducted vacuum cleaner for any home with a ducted vacuum system. Choose Electron EVS 2808 instead. This page is for your information only.

They are frequently installed in homes as they're built, and we are lucky enough to be chosen by discerning residents to service or repair them, in the remote chance they have a problem, usually caused by obstructions from having children in the home. And most homes will have kids in them at some time, of the homes life!!

We also recommend and supply EVS Electron ducted vacuum systems when replacing an existing ducted vacuum system, as it has both right and left entry.

Simply plug the 9m or 12m vacuum hose into any of the suction sockets conveniently located throughout the home and the vacuum cleaner will start running. Don’t worry about noise as this system is whisper quiet, 65.5 db(A) at 3m with silencer fitted.

Ducted systems offer more convenience and cleanliness and less noise than usually experienced by most portable vacuum cleaners.

When mounted in the garage the local outlet can be utilised for vacuuming tasks like cleaning the car or the workshop. 

The EVS2606 has an easy emptying dirt receptacle, held in place with sturdy clips.

The EVS units are usually used bagless, however, a dustbag conversion is available as an option to make emptying the dust receptacle a slightly cleaner task.

Ducted systems should always be mounted under proper cover, say in a garage, (check the IP rating) however, there is a protective acoustical canopy Pn. WAE00009

Got a substantially bigger house, or want to use it in a business? Choose the larger unit, the Electron EVS 2808 

We've fitted EVS units in car yards, hire car return areas, high up on construction cranes, and in electrical substations.

Features include:

* Wall mounted system for out of sight usage in a garage or cellar always ready to work.

* The vacuum motor is never heard in the home, only the whisper of air into the vacuum nozzle. (Also reasonably quiet in the area where it's installed)

* Completely automatic On/Off. Plug in the vacuum hose and the machine starts to run.

* Exhaust air is directed outside the living areas, keeping everything clean and quiet.

* Installation is quick and easy with an easy to fit installation kit.

* Complete with 12 meter hose kit.


* Rated Power: 1400W  * Supply: 230V @ 50Hz  * Detachable Cord: 3m

* Depression: 24.5kPa  * Max Airflow: 55 lit/sec * Main Filter Area: cm2

* Noise Level @ 3m: 68.5dB(A) With Silencer

* Dustbag Capacity: 25litre  * Container Capacity: 25litre

* Dimensions: 31cm Long x 31cm Wide x 84cm High * Mass: 7.3kg

We at TVD carry out in-home repairs on built-in ducted vacuum systems in the Perth area from $135, call 08 9362 6044