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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Viper AS850R By Nilfisk Mid-Sized 24V Rider Scrubber-Drier With Disc Brush Scrubbing Deck

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SKU 50000552PA

Viper AS850R By Nilfisk Mid-Sized 24V Rider Scrubber-Drier With Disc Brush Scrubbing Deck

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Mid-sized Viper ride-on scrubber dryer, suited for cleaning of up to 5,130m2 with its disc brush scrub deck is designed for use on areas of floors, such as tiled floors, vinyl, sealed wood, marble, terrazzo and smooth concrete, etc.

Includes an intuitive dashboard, one-button start, and user-friendly menus for
operational settings for simple, easy operation.

A robust and powerful machine complete with front bumper protection helps protect the machine and walls etc from damage and impacts.

Automatic speed-reduction when turning, mechanical foot brake, emergency stop
switch, and ergonomic seating with safety switch.

With a 81cm scrubbing path and a 120 litre solution tank one-pass cleaning can be carried out with ease on hotel foyers, warehouse floors and cool rooms.

The 106cm squeegee enables 100% water pick ups on tight turns, leaving the floors clean, dry and safe for foot traffic.

On-board battery charger.

One year commercial warranty, supplied as complete Nilfisk package with:

2 x SKU VR19121 Pad holder  2 x SKU VR19120 Polypropylene brush

1 x SKU VF84207 Front PU Squeegee Blade

1 x SKU VF84208 Rear PU Squeegee Blade

1 x SKU VR13240 On board charger  4 x EVGT6A-A 6Volt Battery

1 x SKU VR10048 Battery Tray  1 x SKU VR17160 Warning Beacon Kit


* Brush Motor Power; 2 x 300Watt  * Vacuum Motor Power; 500Watt

* Traction Motor Power: 500Watt  * Battery Voltage; 24Volts

* Sound Pressure Level; 69(Db(A)

* Forward Speed; ?km/hr   * Reverse Speed; ?km/hr

* Productivity Rate;  5130 m/hr * Minumum Turn Diameter: 183cm

* Squeegee Width; 106cm * Scrubbing Path; 81cm

* Brush Pressure; 40kg   * Disc Brush Width; 2 x 40.6cm

* Clean Solution Tank Capacity: 120Lit * Recovery Tank Capacity; 120Lit

* Dimensions: 158cm Long x 89cm Wide x 123cm High

* Mass Without Batteries; kg   * Mass With Batteries; 440kg

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