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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Sprintus N51/1KPS Single Motor Light Commercial 50 Litre Pump-Out Wet Vacuum Cleaner


Sprintus N51/1KPS Single Motor Light Commercial 50 Litre Pump-Out Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Free delivery to commercial addresses within Australia!

Good for pumping out water after minor floods or other leaks and cleaning ponds or dog baths and other water bodies.

The N51/1 KPS, with its 50 litre container is ideal for handy person and tradie use.

The integrated pump has a flow volume of up to 14,000 litres/hour and can be directly attached to the vacuum’s auxiliary power socket.

A filter net prevents leaves, wood, and smaller objects from entering the container and prevents blockages. This filter net can be emptied via the robust zipper.

Wastewater is continually drained from the container through the provided 10m wastewater hose.

According to the brochure; "The C-tube connection of the wastewater hose is a standard size that also fits fire department and technical emergency service (THW) hoses."

The N 51/1 KPS can also be used as a normal vacuum cleaner and achieves a suction power of 230 mbar

See the factsheet for further information.

    • • Robust container made of impact-proof plastic
      • High-performance pump with a flow-rate to 14,000 Lit/Hr
      • Trolley handle for easy transportation
      • Wet floor nozzle (360mm wide)
      • 4 x 50cm plastic suction tubes (38mm)
      • 10m wastewater hose length with C-tube connection
      • Crevice nozzle, pond nozzle & dusting brush
      • 38mm hose/tools/accessories
      • Power cord incl. GFCI interrupter
      • Separate filter net with zipper for rough particles
  • Total Power: 2200W  Vacuum Motor: 1300W  Pump: 900W
  • Mains Supply: 230V @ 50Hz  Power Cord Length: 7.5m
  • Air Flow: 70Lit/Sec
  • Max Depression: 23KPa
  • Sound Pressure: 66dB(A) BS5415  Sound Power Level: 84dB(A) IEC704
  • Pump Output: 14,000 Lit/Hr.
  • Container Volume: 50Litre
  • Inlet Diameter: ?mm  Vacuum Hose Length: 7meter
  • Dimensions: 50cm Long x 44cm Wide x 65cm High Mass: 15kg
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