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PACVAC Superpro 700 Duo BACKPACK Vacuum Cleaner For Where Spillage May Occur - TVD The Vacuum Doctor


PACVAC Superpro 700 Duo BACKPACK Vacuum Cleaner For Where Spillage May Occur

Style: PACVACDU $489.00

PACVAC Superpro 700 Duo Backpack Vacuum Cleaner


Andy's favorite commercial backpack vacuum cleaner, for cleaners, the Pacvac Superpro Duo 700 is specifically designed for cleaning, shopping centres, resorts, theaters, schools, nursing homes, hotels, cafes and pubs, indeed anywhere, where spillage may occur.

The Pacvac Superpro 700 Duo, is for use in pubs clubs and bars where the accidental vacuuming up of beer, MAY occur. It IS NOT a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, and we DON'T advocate this machine for vacuuming wet floor coverings, it is fine to be used where accidental spillage of minor quantities may occur, and then the machine must be thoroughly dried to avoid compromising it's electrical integrity.

* Ametek 1000 watt 2 stage bi-pass motor rather than the flow-thru motor of the Pacvac Superpro 700

* Clear Dome Lid – the offset inlet creates cyclonic airflow for stronger, more consistent airflow – more vacuuming power.

* Hypercone™ Activeair filtration maintains airflow from the top down to provide continuous airflow – the motor runs cooler and lasts longer. The Hypercone™ lasts over 200 hours depending on duty cycles.

* Ergonomically designed frame - new extended ‘bodymoulded’ frame for increased comfort and anatomically correct posture – a critical OH and S factor.

* Adjustable Harness - Thicker, padded and fully adjustable to fit all body types.

* Two piece wand and combination floor tool as standard.

* Double looped cord restraint - prevents accidental disconnection of power cord.

*Two Year Warranty On Body And Motor (Does not apply to cord, filters, hose, wands and accessories)

Extras in box:

* Crevice Tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool * Extra cloth dustbag PACVACKC502HC   * Packet of 5 paper dustbags


* Rated Power: 1000Watt  Rated Voltage 230V    * Sound Pressure 74dB(A)

* Airflow 45 litres/sec  * Vacuum/Depression at nozzle: kPa * Cable Length: 18m

* Filter System: 4 stage, HEPA rated Hypercone TM filter * Tank capacity: 5 Litres  Dustbag Capacity: 5 Litre

* Dimensions:  cm Long x cm Wide x cm High   * Mass  5.3kG

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