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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

NilfiskCFM VHC200 L50 Z1 EXA ATEX Approved For Zone 1 Use Comp Air Vacuum Cleaner Where Electricity Is Unavailable

SKU 4061400091

NilfiskCFM VHC200 L50 Z1 EXA ATEX Approved For Use In Zone 1 Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaner For Use Wherever The Use Of Electricity Is Forbidden Or It's Unavailable

Indent Item Only Allow 16 Weeks For Delivery.

The VHC200 L50 Z1 EXA ATEX Approved For Use In Zone 1 is constructed from painted steel. There is no hose kit with it, however, you can choose a hose kit from a range of accessories to suit the application.

It's equipped with a powerful external Venturi system that guarantees excellent performance levels both in terms of water-lift and airflow.

It can be used to recover solid debris and with the correct accessory kit, liquid spills as well.

The 100 litre capacity bin is equipped with wheels and a practical release mechanism for simplifying emptying operations.

With a robust trolley and large castors it can be used with ease on uneven surfaces.

Filtration is provided by the main bag filter fitted inside the filter chamber, with a total filtering surface of 19,500 cm². Whenever absolute filtration is required, a HEPA filter is available.

The VHC200 is equipped with a standard manual filter shaker and a pressure gauge

* Ideal for integration with automatic machines    * Continuous duty (24/7)

* Airflow W/O Hose: 94Lit/sec at 6Bar 90PSI pressure via 9m x 19mm airline

Requires 13.4kW to 17.2kW compressor Air consumption 1982Lit/Min @ 6Bar

* Max Depression:  45KPA at 6Bar * Sound Pressure Level at 1.5m 70 (Db(A)

* Container Capacity: 100Lit with a 70mm inlet diameter

* Main Filter Type: TYPE L Antistatic main filter with area of 19,500CM²

* H14 Upstream HEPA filter optional.

* Dimensions: 80cm Long x 60cm Wide x 159cm High  Mass: 70kg

When it comes to vacuuming combustible materials, both electric and pneumatic vacuums can be used as long as they are properly equipped.

Only electric vacuums can be certified as explosion-proof – meeting a strict set of industry standards.

Properly outfitted pneumatic vacuums are deemed “intrinsically safe” because there is no legal certification for “explosion-proof” pneumatic vacuums.

It is important to note that our explosion-proof and intrinsically safe vacuums are specifically engineered to be used in hazardous environments – they’re not just “dressed-up” base models.

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