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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

NILFISKCFM ECO-OIL 13 Recovery Vacuum Cleaner For Industries Using Oil 230Volt

SKU 4010400001N

NILFISKCFM ECO-OIL 13 ANZ Config Oil Recovery Single Phase Vacuum For Industries Using Oil

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The NilfiskCFM ECO-OIL 13 ANZ configured industrial oil recovery vacuum, is an indispensable item of equipment in the mechanical industry where valuable CNC machines tools are used. Brochure Here

To effectively cool the cutting tool during manufacturing, the correct coolant, is directed on to the cutting area. These coolants can be especially expensive, if it goes "bad" due to bacteria and cannot be re-used.

The main function of  the Nilfisk oil management vacuum cleaners is to separate the lubricant/oil/coolant from the metal swarf and recover the liquids.

Using the NilfiskCFM ECO OIL 13 vacuum, managing the coolant can be done very quickly. The swarf is retained into a mesh basket and the liquid is collected into the main tank where an electrical liquid cut-out will stop the machine vacuuming, once the maximum level is reached.

As the NilfiskCFM ECO Oil 13 vacuum is fitted with a pump, the coolant can be automatically returned to the machine, or the cleaned sump, or into a treatment tank where it can be re-used. This operation can be done without interrupting the suction of the cutting oil, saving time.

The main advantage is the cost saving, from keeping the coolant clean and fresh reducing the risk of dermatitis to operators, as well as preventing foul odours in the  machine-shop. The coolant will last longer, work quality will improve, and expensive CNC machine tools will last longer.

Another use could be removing oil from transformers and high voltage circuit breakers in the electricity generation and distribution industry.

Please Note: No Plug Is Included.

All hoses and accessories for this machine need to be purchased separately.

* Collection Type: Wet  * Liquid Capacity:  180Lit  * Chip Capacity: 30Lit

* Rated Power: 1.3kW * Supply Voltage: 230V 50Hz * Protection Class; IP43

* Insulation Class: B * Airflow; 2683Lit/Min  * Depression: 32kPa

* Sound Pressure Level:  @ 1.5m 70dB(A)

* Emptying Pump Capacity:  80 L/min * Machine Inlet Diameter: 50mm

* Dimensions: 105cm Long x 67cm Wide x 150cm High * Mass: 120kg

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