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$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!
$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!

Nilfisk VL500 75-2 Twin Motor Car Wash Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner With Free Delivery

SKU 107405185CW

Nilfisk VL500 75-2 Two Motor Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Car Wash Package

Free delivery to commercial addresses within Australia!

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The VL500 75-2 2 motor wet and dry car wash vacuum cleaner offers performance and reliability ensuring low total cost of ownership and at the same time, has features to make car detailng tasks easier, faster and safer.

It is shipped with the full genuine Nilfisk car wash package, see below:

VL500 75-2 is ideally suited for hotels, contract cleaners, education, exhibition and conference centers as well as public buildings, manufacturing and industrial applications.

A fail-safe filter design makes operation easy due to the ability to have individual wet and dry filters working simultaneously.

Each filter is specific for either a wet or dry application ensuring maximum performance.

With the special dual filtration system, Nilfisk VL500 75-2 can be used in whatever environment, wet or dry, without the need to change filters.

The unique design and features of VL500 is developed in partnership with Nilfisk customers.

The VL500 is available in different configurations and various container sizes; 35, 55 and 75 litre.


1 x 107400049 MultiFit Adaptor 1 x VPH038 38mm x 5m Vacuum Hose

1 x VP00003 Crevice Nozzle 1 x VP00084 38mm Hose Cuff M/C End

1 x VP03928 38mm Hose Cuff Tool End C/W Swivel

Go to the factsheet for further information.


* Easy changing of filters with a hinged motor head to protect the machine and speed up the process

* The dual filtration system allows the machine to clean both wet and dry applications without the need to change filter

* Car detailing hose.

* Rated Power: 2500W  * IEC Power: 2400W  * Protection Class: IP24
* Mains Supply: 230Volts 50 Hz A/C * Sack Filter Area; 1840 cm2
* Suction Power At End Of Tube: 200W *  Air Flow: 72 Lit/Sec
* Depression: 21KPa * Inlet Diameter: 40mm
* Sound Pressure: 66 dB(A) BS5415
* Sound Power Level: 84 dB(A) IEC704
* Container Volume: 75 Lit * Dustbag Volume: 44 Lit
* Dimensions: 84cm Long x 62cm Wide x 100cm High  * Mass: 29kg
As delivery within Australia is FREE, how about choosing a couple of packs of bags, or a replacement filter or accessory from the related items below!