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Nilfisk SW655 Walk Behind Push Sweeper NOW OBSOLETE - TVD The Vacuum Doctor

Nilfisk Sweeping

Nilfisk SW655 Walk Behind Push Sweeper NOW OBSOLETE

No Longer Available
Style: 12422650

Nilfisk SW655 Pedestrian Powered Push Sweeper

Now Replaced by the Nilfisk SM800

The Nilfisk SW655 had a metal chassis. The Advance version is the Minitriever. The ALTO version is the BK800 shown in the blue livery. (Although I have used a photo of the BK900)

With a 685mm sweep path, 40 litre hopper, giving a theoretical production rate of 2,000 sq. meters per hour, pedestrian powered push sweepers are 3 times quicker than a broom and more efficient too.

Avoid stringy materials such as binding twine, packing strap and plastic

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