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Nilfisk SC800-71 Battery Operated Scrubber Drier Complete With FREE DELIVERY! - TVD The Vacuum Doctor

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Nilfisk SC800-71 Battery Operated Scrubber Drier Complete With FREE DELIVERY!

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Nilfisk SC800-71 Disc Battery Scrubber Drier - Heavy cleaning – Easy working!

Free delivery to commercial addresses within Australia!

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The Nilfisk SC800-71 is powerful enough to handle heavy-duty applications, whilst offering the sensible green solution to serious cleaning situations.

As with Nilfisk's new scrubber/dryer models, Ecoflex complete consumption control (water and detergent saving) is standard, to ensure accurate, economical and environmentally friendly solution control system.

  • Large 71cm twin disc deck and economical 24V battery pack offer the best ratio productivity/investment.
  • Powerful 24 volt platform and adjustable scrubbing pressure up to 77 Kg gives productive cleaning of large floors and heavy traffic areas.
  • Low operating noise level 61 dB(A) for less disturbance and operator comfort
  • Easy access to both it's 95 litre tanks and battery compartment, for cleaning and service and no tool needed for scrub deck access
  • Cylindrical brush version is an option.
  • The SC800-71 is designed for maximum performance, easy handling, low maintenance, superb cleaning results and yet it is an eco-friendly solution.
  •  Easy to handle and flexible in every day cleaning situations, and ideal for routine cleaning from ultra light to heavy scrubbing such as entryways, spill cleanup, grease removal, grout and porous-surface cleaning. The SC800-71 can clean with water only for detergent residue removal.
  • Combined with a new squeegee concept the SC800-71 provides more effective water collection, and together with the powerful vacuum motor ensures that the floor dries quickly


Scrub Brush Motor Power; 2 x 550 Watts  Vacuum Motor Power; 490 Watts

Vacuum Motor Airflow;  30 Lit/sec   Sound Pressure Level; 61 (Db(A)

Traction Motor Power; 30 Watts  Traction Speed; .8 km/hr Battery Voltage; 24Volts 

Theoretical Productivity Rate;  4990 m/hr.   Actual Productivity Rate;  2990 m/hr.

Brush Pressure; 36/77 kg Mass With Batteries: 487 kg. Mass Without Batteries: 169 kg

Clean Solution Tank Capacity: 95 Litres Recovery Tank Capacity; 95 Litres.

Scrubbing Width; 71 cm   Recovery Squeegee Width; 910 cm Brush Width; 2 x 35.5 cm  

Dimensions: 148 cm long x 78 cm wide x 115 cm high

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