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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk SC500 Battery Walk Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber Basic Package NLA

SKU 9087401020PA

Nilfisk SC500 Battery Operated Automatic Floor Scrubber Dryer With Prolene Brush and Pad Holder, Batteries And On-board Charger NO Ecoflex System - Find the currently available full package HERE

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The battery operated Nilfisk SC500 floor scrubber dryer basic package is designed to improve productivity and reduce your total cleaning costs. Significant benefits are achieved through ease-of-use and a series of features enabling daytime cleaning.

An economical choice of reliable equipment for hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, supermarkets, shops, sports centres, restaurants, cleaning companies,and production floors.

With the remarkably low sound level of the SC500 Low noise Vacuum motor system running at just 60 ±3 dB(A) daytime cleaning is an obvious choice.

The Nilfisk SC500 53B Basic Package included:
Two of SKU 80564400 12V 105AH Battery 1 x SKU 9099995000 Onboard charger (24V)
1 x SKU L08837025 Prolene Disc Brush 530mm 1 x SKU L08837018 Pad Holder 530mm
1 x SKU 9100000810 Squeegee Blade Kit

    • Ease-of-use: Ergonomic drive paddle and informative display with One-Touch button  easy click on/off for the brush/pad holder. One-Touch button electric motor to lower/raise brush deck 
    • Settings effectively controlled: Separate Super user and Operator key
    • Easy handling: Plastic light squeegee with patent elastic strap system
    • Effective: 53cm scrubbing width and automatic brush speed control to save energy
    • Productive: Up to 5 hours of running time in light applications with 45/45 litre water tanks
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