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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk SC450 Battery Operated Automatic Floor Scrubber Drier Complete With Batteries

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SKU 9087370020PA

Nilfisk SC450 Battery Operated Automatic Floor Scrubber Dryer Complete With Prolene Brush and Pad Holder Maintenance Free Batteries, On-Board Charger

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Nilfisk SC450 provides the cleaning capacity and flexibility of a large scrubber/dryer but built into a small handy machine, easy to operate and efficient to use.

It's ideally suited for daily indoor scrubbing and drying in light to medium tasks such as schools, institutions, hotels, smaller supermarkets and retail outlets.

The innovative handle is equipped with a practical LED display showing battery and water levels. Electronic flow control buttons, safety switch and on/off lever give complete control. Easy, safe and efficient.

The Nilfisk SC450 has better maneuverability and makes it easier to clean closer to walls and other obstructions. The squeegee system, redesigned with a foot pedal lifting system instead of squeegee cables, makes the daily job more comfortable and effective.

It is designed with easy maintenance, low consumption of water, detergents and energy in mind.

Like all Nilfisk machines, it's built with outstanding ergonomics and simple, intuitive, controls enabling the task to be carried out more efficiently to save time and money in the process.

  • The low noise level enables daytime cleaning for increased comfort and efficiency
  • 53cm scrub deck and 21 litre tank gives the productivity of a large machine, without sacrificing maneuverability and ease of use
  •  Practical adjustable handle with LED display shows both battery and water levels, with all working functions integrated into it.
  • Most electrical components are placed in dedicated waterproof box for reliability and safety
  • Electronic water flow control, safety switch and an easy to use lever system
  • Redesigned squeegee with foot pedal lifting system for operator comfort
  • The external deck regulation allows the traction from the brush to be increased/decreased when required to improve the maneuverability.
  • Polyethylene corrosion proof rotomolded tank ensures durability
  • Large recovery tank and removable lid for easy cleaning.


2 x EV12A-A Battery 12Volt  1 x Pn. 909-6739-000 On-Board Charger

1 x Pn. 9099671000 Pad Holder   1 x Pn. L08837025 Prolene Brush

1 x Pn. 9100000279 Squeegee Blade Kit


Rated Power: 810Watt  Scrub Brush Motor Power; Watt  Vac Motor Power; Watt

Traction Speed;  km/hr Battery Voltage; 24V Sound Pressure Level; 68 Db(A)

Theoretical Productivity Rate;  2120m/hr   Actual Productivity Rate;  1272m/hr

Brush Pressure; 34kg Mass With Batteries: 190kg. Mass W/O Batteries: 76kg

Clean Solution Tank Capacity: 40Litres Recovery Tank Capacity; 45Litres.

Scrub Width; 53cm   Recovery Squeegee Width;  76cm   Brush Width; 53cm  

Dimensions: 117cm long x 76cm wide x 98cm high

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