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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk SC4000 860D Battery Operated Rider Floor Scrubber With Disc Deck

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Nilfisk SC4000 860D Battery Operated Rider Floor Scrubber Complete

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The Nilfisk SC4000 860D is a high productivity commercial mid-sized Rider Scrubber-Dryer with traditional twin disc deck that's ideal for cleaning large and small open spaces.

The compact design makes it easy to manoeuver in narrow spaces and pass through standard door frames hence is ideal for schools, hospitals, retail stores and admin environments.

Key features include an extremely low noise level of just 64dB(A) making daytime cleaning possible in sensitive areas, with excellent drying efficiency.

Improved safety with 'Clearview' design and steering wheel mounted controls enables quicker working regardless of obstacles and changing environment with a transport speed up to 7 km/h.

The wider heavy duty 2 disc deck is designed for use on large floor areas of profiled floors, such as vinyl, concrete and marble etc.

The SC4000 C has high manoeuvrability allowing cleaning in congested areas due to its best in class turning radius and compact profile.

The Smartflow technology adjusts solution flow according to scrub travel speed, or choose the optional 'Ecoflex' system to save water and detergent and increase productivity.

The Intuitive 'OneTouch' controls and Smartkey simplifies use.

Eligible for 3 year warranty (conditions apply


Drive Motor Power: 1000W  Scrub Brush Motor Power; 2 x 1000Watt

Vacuum Motor Power; 710Watt   Rated Power;  3125Watt

Traction Speed; 7 km/hr Battery Voltage; 36V Sound Pressure Level; 64(Db(A)

Max Scrub Gradient: 9%   Max Transport Gradient: 16%

Theoretical Productivity Rate;  6020 m/hr.   Actual Productivity Rate;  4970m/hr

Brush Pressure; 76kg Mass W Battery: 759kg Mass W/O Battery: kg

Clean Solution Tank Capacity: 125 Lit Recovery Tank Capacity; 125 Lit

Scrub Width; 86cm  Squeegee Width; 105cm   Brush Width; 2 x 43cm

Minimum Aisle Turn: 174cm

Dimensions: 159cm Long x 92cm Wide x 146cm High

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