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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk SC250 Battery Operated Compact Scrubber For Cool Cafes And Artisan Bakeries!

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Nilfisk SC250 Versatile Compact Battery Operated Floor Scrubber

Free delivery to commercial addresses within Australia!

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The Nilfisk SC250 is fairly unique in its design of features compared with its size. Designed for restaurants, cafes, small artisan bakeries, boutiques, pharmacies,clinics gyms and fitness centres, aged care facilities, schools and hotels. In fact anywhere, with a floor area between 200 m2 and 700 m2.

It is shipped with the full genuine Nilfisk package, see below:

Powered by easily swap-able, lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries, the Nilfisk SC250 is light enough to carry from room to room and lift in the back of a car. They give a run time of 40 minutes. They may be charged on the machine, or for greater productivity, have two batteries, invest in an additional battery, and the optional rapid charger Pn. 41600867

On the Panasonic lithium ion battery a BMS (Battery Management System) protects the batteries during charge and discharge. The batteries may be charged from any standard power outlet.

Adjustable brush pressure to 12 kg. A park setting keeps the weight from the brush whilst it's not in use, avoiding flat spots, which cause vibrations. 

Along with the absence of a cord, the low sound level, makes the SC250 a great choice for daytime cleaning.

Sweeps and scrubs in one pass, chucks the debris into an easily removable tray at the back of the brush. However, stringy material and larger debris needs to be sensibly removed from the floor, by hand first.

It also scrubs and dries in both directions. It can double scrub by turning off the vacuum, and the solution can be flooded on, or pulsed on and off sparingly, depending on the type of clean needed.

The scrub path is 340mm, for increased drying of the floor, work in a forward direction, and lift the front squeegee, and get increase suction from the single rear squeegee, after the brush.

The brush and squeegee area is easy to clean, as the squeegees can just be pulled out, similarly, the rubber solution distributors.

Three types of roller brushes can be fitted to the SC250, as well as a microfibre roller. A mid-range light coloured brush comes as standard.

The handle can be locked in place, or allowed to float, for cleaning under tables and benches. The function controls on the handle are intuitive to use, requiring minimum instruction of operators. An easily viewed. illuminated battery condition indicator is in prime position on the handle.

Tank within a tank design allows, tanks to be removed, as one unit, and simply carried by one hand, to wet area for emptying cleaning and fillings. Tanks are easy to clean, and like the battery cover, they locate in position by magnets.

NOTE: This machine will be delivered by a truck and someone must be there to unload it.

The Nilfisk SC250 Scrubber/Dryer includes:
9100002066 Medium White Nylon brush 9100001964 Debris Tray
9100002070 36V Battery 9100002058 Standard Battery Charger


Rated Power; 300W Battery Voltage; 36V   1 Year Commercial Warranty.

Sound Pressure Level; 66 (Db(A)  Traction Speed; 0 km/hr  Run Time: 40min

Theoretical Productivity Rate; 1360 m2/hr  Actual Productivity Rate; 680 m2/hr

Clean Solution Tank Capacity: 6 Lit Recovery Tank Capacity; 6 Lit

Scrubbing Width; 34cm   Recovery Squeegee Width;  36cm

Brush Pressure; 12kg   Brush Width; 37cm

Dimensions: 63cm Long x 43cm Wide x 40cm High + Handle   Mass: 25kg

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