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Nilfisk GM80 Museum HEPA Filtered Precisely Controlled Vacuum Cleaner - TVD The Vacuum Doctor


Nilfisk GM80 Museum HEPA Filtered Precisely Controlled Vacuum Cleaner

Style: MUSEUMHEPAVAC $2,974.00

Nilfisk GM80 HEPA Filtered Museum Vacuum With Variable Speed

The Nilfisk GM80 HEPA with precise Variable Speed Control is an option that allows the operator to vary the vacuum motor speed to finely adjust the vacuum suction.

Simply turn the dial to adjust the airflow up or down.This option is ideal for general cleaning around delicate museum artifacts, as well as rare books and manuscripts found in many libraries.

Equally suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, where the Nilfisk HEPA-filtered vacuum with the variable speed control, allows the collection of residual tablet powder, without disturbing the tablets.

The vacuum features a standard multi-stage filtration system with a paper dustbag, a cotton main filter, a microfilter on the motor and the commercial HEPA exhaust filter.

Also included are the very robust trolley, a 2 meter high quality, static free, plastic hose, two straight steel wands, a packet of 5 dustbags, and a 10 meter cord.

To compliment the machine, there is a genuine Nilfisk turnable round brush, and a genuine Nilfisk soft crevice, cone nozzle, and a micro vacuum kit, and a German combination floor nozzle.

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