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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk GD5 Lithium Ion Battery Powered Two Speed Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

SKU 41600840

Nilfisk GD5 Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Battery Powered Back-Pack Vacuum Cleaner

There are many things that should be present in an excellent battery powered backpack vacuum cleaner. It should be light in weight, 8kg with even weight distribution, and the noise level must be as low as possible. for daytime cleaning, to avoid disturbing patients, shoppers or co-workers.

With power level ECO selected, the sound pressure level, which is what you hear while using the machine is 60dB(A)

When quiet isn't required and powerful suck is needed, switch to BOOST for fast, effective cleaning!

The battery is large enough for 60 minute cleaning on ECO and 30 minutes on BOOST. It can then be rapidly charged in 40 minutes, and with a second battery, work can be continuous.

This Nilfisk GD5  battery powered backpack vacuum cleaner is extremely comfortable with it's adjustable harness to accommodate different body types. It's very quiet and has a convenient to operate on and off switch and much more. 

Comes complete with: 1 x SKU 107417790 295mm Combination Nozzle

1 x SKU NIL011-8130-500  Aluminium Telescopic Tube Set

1 x SKU 147-1236-500 Comp Hose 1 x SKU 140-6700-540 MultiSurface Nozzle

1 x SKU  140-8244-500 Brush Nozzle 1 x SKU 107408039 Crevice Nozzle

1 x SKU  41600872 36V Lithium Battery with Handle

1 x SKU  41600867 Rapid Battery Charger

Main features include:

  • Very Low sound level for operator comfort and cleaning in noise sensitive areas
  • Suitable for left or right handed use
  • 30/60 Minute Run Time and 40 Minute Rapid Re-Charge Time.
  • Extra Batteries
  • Complete with charger
  • 4Lit Disposable dustbags for clean operation and extending sack filter life
  • Lightweight vacuum with ergonomically designed harness to reduce fatigue
  • 230V powered version Nilfisk GD5 Commercial backpack vacuum cleaner

Brochure HERE Find the partslist HERE


* Rated Power: 650Watt * 36Volt  * Airflow ECO/BOOST: 21.6/26.6 lit/sec

* Sound Pressure ECO/BOOST: 60/65dB(A)

* Vacuum/Depression at nozzle ECO/BOOST: 8.6/12.9 kPa

* Battery Run Time ECO/BOOST:  60/30Min Battery Charge Time: 40Mins

* Main filter area cm²  * Tank capacity: 5Lit  Dustbag Capacity: 4Lit

* Dimensions:  24cm Long x 33cm Wide x 76cm High  * Mass W Batt: 8Kg

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