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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk GD930 S2 Panther HEPA Filtered Vacuum Cleaner For Clean Room And Theatres

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SKU 905-5342-020HEPA

Nilfisk GD930 S2 Panther HEPA Filtered Two Speed Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

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The HEPA filtered Nilfisk GD930 S2 (Formerly Electrolux UZ930) is a world class reliable dry vacuum cleaner with a rugged and stable heavy duty construction with steel container for the economic but effective daily cleaning of clean rooms and hospital theatres. HOWEVER, please be aware the HEPA filter isn't on the exhaust, therefore minute particles from the motor can be released into the room. My personal recommendation is the Nilfisk GM-80E-HAZ

The GD930/S2 is a 1000Watt vacuum cleaner, very quiet at 45/53 dB(A). With a multi layer filter system, including the very large HEPA filter Pn. 140-2666-010  it uses 15 litre paper dustbags or optional re-usable cloth bag supplied in the box. It's got a long 15 meter cord and 12 month commercial warranty.

The Swedish Electrolux Euroclean design optimises air flow patterns and reduces energy losses to an absolute minimum. The result is exceptionally efficient suction power.

Find the basic version as the Nilfisk and Electrolux Panther GD930/S2

The Nilfisk GD930S2 HEPA includes:
1 x NIL010-3098-500 Crevice Nozzle

1 x NIL011-3104-500 Combination Nozzle

1 x NIL011-8130-500 Telescopic Wand

1 x 140-2782-500 Hose with Aluminium Handle

1 x 140-7019-500 Cloth Re-usable Dustbag

1 x 140-1515-500 Foam Main Filter and 1 x 140-2666-010 HEPA Filter


Rated Power: 1000Watt  Supply: 230Volts @ 50Hz  Cord Length: 15m

Max Depression: 23kPa  Max Airflow: 35 lit/sec

Sound Pressure Level: 45/53dB(A) Dustbag Capacity: 15 lit

Dimensions: 45cm Long x 39cm Wide x 33cm High   Mass:7.5kg

Maximise the FREE FREIGHT offer on this item, on our website, anything purchased along side it, such as in the related items below, such as extra filters fittings new hose Pn 140-2782-500 or accessories, will also be shipped free, Australia wide!