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Nilfisk GB1033 3 Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner NOW OBSOLETE Page For Info Only - TVD The Vacuum Doctor


Nilfisk GB1033 3 Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner NOW OBSOLETE Page For Info Only

No Longer Available
Style: GB1033

Nilfisk GB1033 3 Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

This product is now superseded by the NilfiskCFM 3707/10

This was a good solution for collecting large quantities of swarf and minerals etc. It's the machine on the right. The left is the GB933.

The GB1033 is HIGH VACUUM - LOWER AIRFLOW for SWARF, and media that needs a higher energy to get them into the airflow.

The Nilfisk GB933 3 phase industrial vacuum cleaner is LOW VACUUM - HIGH AIRFLOW for FINE dust, which reduces clogging of filters.

It could be used either with a fixed floor nozzle or a long hose or indeed, 2 or 3 shorter hoses from a branch manifold.

It can be connected to a large skip or drum as a separator unit.

However, since 2008 the CFM products in GREEN from Nilfisk have replaced these,and are now badged as NilfiskCFM and painted GREY. Please see the related products below.



* Outstanding Suction  * Several Filtration Levels * 3 Phase Induction Motor Give Reliable Long Life

* Robust Construction * Available With Manual Or Automatic Starting


* IP Rating: IP54  * Dust Class: L  * Rated Power: 5.5kWatts  * Supply Voltage: 415V

* Suction Power At End Of Tube: 1350Watts  * Max Airflow At Machine: 190 Lit/sec

* Depression: 22kPa  * Container Capacity: 69 Litres  * Main Filter Area: 41,000cm2

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