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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk G5 Premium P160.2 Pressure Washer Gun Handle FITS ALL Nilfisk and GERNI Domestic Pressure Washers

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Original price $115.00
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SKU 128500072

Nilfisk G5 Premium P160.2 consumer pressure washer 200BAR (2900PSI) spray gun handle FITS ALL Nilfisk and GERNI domestic pressure washers

Original Nilfisk parent branded, BLUE coloured G5 Gerni Click&Clean C&C pressure washer spray gun pistol grip usually for the Nilfisk Premium P160.2 Domestic Pressure Washer and the Gerni 130.2 ULTIMATE 

 This is THE BEST pistol grip spray gun for ALL generations of Nilfisk parent Gerni Classic and Gerni Super and Gerni Ultimate hobby use pressure cleaners


Including the Gerni Classic Series 100.1 100.2 100.3 100.4 100.5 and 110.1 110.2 110.3 110.4 110.5 and the Gerni Classic 110.1 110.2 110.3 110.4 110.5 and the Gerni Classic 115.1 115.2 115.3 115.4 115.5 and the Gerni Classic 120.1 120.2 120.3 120.4 120.5 and the Gerni Classic 125.1 125.2 125.3 125.4 125.5

Including the Gerni Super Series 130.1 130.2 130.3 130.4 130.5 andthe  Gerni Super 135.1 135.2 135.3 135.4 135.5 and the Gerni Super 140.1 140.2 140.3 140.4 140.5 and the Gerni Super 145.1 145.2 145.3 145.4 145.5 and the Gerni Super 150.3

And the Gerni Ultimate Series 130.1 130.2 as well as the Gerni Pro 160.1 and 160.2

This gun has a brass internal valve, instead of the usual plastic valve.

It was formerly SKU 128500032

We recommend all Gerni (Consumer) owners upgrade to this G5 gun to eliminate issues. WE CHOOSE NOT TO STOCK ANY OF THE other generations of Nilfisk spray guns.

The second photo shows the different Click&Clean C&C fitting from different generations.

See the consumer accessory book HERE

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