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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk DC65GAS Petrol Powered Vacuum Cleaner UNAVAILABLE In Australia


NilfiskCFM DC65 Petrol Powered Vacuum Cleaner With Hose Kit

This product is no longer brought into Australia, this page is for your information only

Due to continually changing supply and demand, these machines are no longer available outside the USA at this time. If you are looking to purchase this kind of equipment Andy will seek the definitive answer for you, as far as applies in Australia, at the time.

Although we sold a couple of these into Western Australia, it seems they lacked demand and Nilfisk no longer choose to bring them in to Australia. However, for clients with demanding cleaning tasks away from electrical power, these machines were a welcome solution to the challenge of collecting material without mains electricity.

Choose the NilfiskCFM S3 and a now, readily available generator instead.

The Nilfisk by CFM DC65GAS is equipped with a 4.6HP four stroke Honda petrol engine, so it can be used in open spaces well away from an electricity supply, such as mining sites or construction sites, car parks, farms or cleaning out gutters around large buildings.

The DC65GAS may also used in the large open areas of an airport, for example, mounted on the rear of a truck, able to be taken anywhere it may be needed.

To increase it's capacity, or to enable it to pick up wet material, a separator drum may be connected by a short hose to the vacuum cleaner, & the longer hose taken to the work area, such as a gutter, or the deck of a ship.

The standard hose kit supplied with this machine is 50mm diameter and 4 meters long. However, hoses may be customised to suit the application.

For ease of movement around obstacles, it's fitted with large wheels and castors with brakes.The dust container is easily lowered & removed, by using the release lever, and the container rolled away on it's own wheels.

The DC65GAS is fitted with a TYPE "M" class polyester coated main filter with a 19,500 cm2 surface area as standard, complete with a filter shaker. Optional filter classifications may be fitted as well as HEPA filters both upstream and downstream options.

* Rated Power 4.8kW * Fuel Consumption: 313 g/Kw/h

* Airflow Without The Hose: 152Lit/Sec * Maximum Depression: 18kPa

* Sound Pressure Level: 100 dB(A)  * Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.6Lit

* Dust Container Capacity: 50 Litres * Container Inlet Diameter: 70 mm

* Dimensions: 110cm Long X 60cm Wide X 125cm High * Total Mass: 110kg

* OPTIONAL Up-stream HEPA filter H13 Area: 30,000cm²

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