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Nilfisk CA410S Electric Scrubber Drier Replaced By The Nilfisk SC400E - TVD The Vacuum Doctor

Nilfisk Scrubbing

Nilfisk CA410S Electric Scrubber Drier Replaced By The Nilfisk SC400E

No Longer Available
Style: 908-9054-000

Nilfisk CA410S Electric Scrubber Drier Complete with Prolene Brush

This has now been superseded by the Nilfisk SC400 E

The CA410S scrubber/dryer was compact, but with its 43 cm scrubbing deck, has all the features normally associated with larger machines. It handled all types of floors and was even capable of tackling stripping tasks. ECO Solution as standard.

The CA410 was easy to handle, economically priced unit that could clean at a rate of 1.720 m² per hour. Plus, because of the detailed attention we give to ergonomics, it can produce this kind of high productivity without creating operator fatigue. The machine is supplied with mains cable.

The CA410 was suited to a wide variety of institutional or commercial applications.

  • Easy to use, simple to maintain and productivity of 1.720 m2 per hour

  • A built in hook permits to store the brush in front of the machine

  • A special wheel protects the brush during parking and ensures an easy transportation

  • Removable recovery tank for easy cleaning, and for full access to batteries and main components

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