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$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk C51 Electrically Operated Floor Scrubber Drier No Longer Available

SKU NilfiskC51

Nilfisk C51 Electrically Operated Floor Scrubber Drier

These are no longer available, this is for your information only, BUT there are some parts still available.

This electrically operated floor scrubbing machine from Nilfisk was tough, simple and lasted forever! I used to service two of these that cleaned around the newspaper presses at the daily newspaper, The West Australian here in Perth!

Daily it would clean the checker-plate steel floor, free of ink residue, sometimes with blanket wash in the solution tank.

It was supplied with a sturdy trolley for it to be towed to where it was to be put to work.

Operation speed and slew were adjusted by knobs at the back of the machine, convenient for the operator to adjust whilst the machine was in use.

The scrub motors were virtually unstoppable, the vacuum motor was in a pod that could be swapped over in minutes, and the squeegee could have been used to bar the door of a castle against invading forces!

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