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$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk BA755 Battery Auto Scrubber Drier No Longer Available In Australia

SKU 56315042NAK

Nilfisk BA755 Scrubber Drier

No longer available, this page is for your information only.

Nilfisk BA755 and Nilfisk BA855 ST is a range of professional walk-behind scrubber/dryers covering all heavy-duty floor cleaning applications. The perfect choice for large area cleaning such as shopping centres, airports, supermarkets, warehouses and factory floors.

With different models available to choose from 71 to 81 cm scrubbing path, and to disc to cylindrical deck, productivity savings are guaranteed. The Nilfisk BA755 and BA855 have long running-time. The EDS - ECO Dosage Solution - versions allow 13 water tank loads (of 114 litres) before the highly concentrated detergent cartridge needs changing. Running in ECO Solution reduces water consumption by 50%, only 1 litre of water is used for cleaning as much as 59 m2.

  • Up to 113 kg brush pressure for heavy duty cleaning tasks

  • One touch control panel to activate all functions. Soft touch paddle system provides superior comfort and safety

  • Select deck (interchangeable) to match needs: scrubbing paths of 71 or 81 cm, disc or cylindrical deck

  • 36V batteries, 114 litre capacity, ECO Solution and EDS increase productivity and cut cost
  • Andy chose to use a photo of the American version, the Warrior 32 as the photos were better.

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