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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk BA531 BA611 BA451 Scrubber Drier Long Dump Hose Complete With Cap

SKU 9099165000

Dirty water dump hose complete with cap for several Nilfisk battery and electrically powered automatic floor scrubber driers such as the Nilfisk BA531D and Nilfisk CA531 and the Nilfisk BA611 and the Nilfisk BA451 and the Nilfisk CA451 and the Nilfisk BA551 and the Nilfisk CA551 and the much larger Nilfisk BR755 automatic floor scrubber driers.

It has a softer straight part, to grip the hose, with the cap removed, and guide it to a floor drain, or bucket, and then control the flow of water by squeezing and releasing your grip.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the actual hose, it's a similar one for an illustration. I'll update it as soon as I can, Andy 07/07/2023

At the moment standard postage is capped at a maximum of $25 within Australia so maximise the saving on postage and buy some of the related parts below!