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Nilfisk BA600 and Advance Convertamatic Squeegee Front Black Blade - TVD The Vacuum Doctor

Nilfisk Scrubbing

Nilfisk BA600 and Advance Convertamatic Squeegee Front Black Blade

Style: 56393285

The Nilfisk BA600 walk behind battery powered automatic floor scrubber and the Advance Convertamatic floor scrubber squeegee front black blade. It's the black one in the photo.

Please Use Caution When Choosing Blades For Floor Scrubber Squeegee

Choosing squeegee blades for floor scrubbers, is a bit like choosing tyres for cars. It doesn't always follow a scrubber will have the standard squeegee on it. A wider or narrower one could have been put on at purchase. A 28 inch scrub path, scrubber, probably won't have a 28 inch squeegee on it, it will be wider. Also, as the squeegees are curved, the blades for a 32 inch squeegee, will be longer than 32 inches. Then, a squeegee style from a different range of scrubber may have been used.

If in doubt, take a photo of the squeegee and measure it and Contact Us with the details.

Maximise the saving on postage and buy several Puregiene toilet rolls a box of Tissues and some soap or maybe some packets of dustbags, or a hose or a new floor tool, or some other accessories!

At the moment, standard postage within Australia is capped at a maximum of $20!