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Nilfisk-ALTO SDV8000 8 BAR Professional Steamer With Vacuum For Disinfection - TVD The Vacuum Doctor


Nilfisk-ALTO SDV8000 8 BAR Professional Steamer With Vacuum For Disinfection

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Nilfisk-ALTO SDV 8000 Professional Steam Cleaner With Vacuum, For Multi-purpose Indoor/Outdoor Cleaning And Disinfection - SEE Matrix SDV8

The Nilfisk-ALTO SDV (Steam, Detergent and Vacuum) 8000 is a much larger and robust steam cleaner for heavy commercial use. Find brochure HERE

It delivers a serious EIGHT BAR of steam pressure, almost double the pressure of the smaller SDV4500 from a 3.3 litre boiler.

This steamer is designed for all soiled areas and is suited to all applications where steam cleaning, with water and recovery by vacuum suction is required. Cleaned areas can be left dry and sanitized without the need of further chemicals.

Cleaning by steam is becoming more of a requirement, especially in the aged care, health care and hospitality sector.

Remember STEAM is above 100C and can't be seen, what can be seen is water vapour and that's below 100C.

Here's a new video of Andy successfully using the Nilfisk-ALTO SDV 4500 vacuum steamer to remove decals from the TVD Mercedes van This can be a great tool for car detailers!

I've used pictures of the SDV 4500 To illustrate the quality and style of the accessories in the kit.

*Stainless steel frame and cabinet *Continous fill boiler *Steam control switch

*Automatic safety shut off  *Clear pressure display *Locking front castors *Simple operator controls

*5 Litre water tank capacity *3.3 Litre Boiler volume * 2.5 Litre detergent tank capacity *12 Litre Recovery Tank

*8 Bar Pressure. *Mass 40Kg. * 230V Single Phase Power * Rated Power 3 kW * 10m Cable * Dimensions 45cm Long x 50cm Wide x 97cm High including handle.

Maximise the FREE FREIGHT offer on this item from our website, and anything purchased along side it, such as extra filters, fittings or accessories or extra hose, for our Nilfisk or ALTO vacuum cleaner, will also be shipped free, Australia wide!