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Nilfisk-Alto Scrubtec BOOST 32 Inovative Battery Scrubber Unavailable In Australia - TVD The Vacuum Doctor

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Nilfisk-Alto Scrubtec BOOST 32 Inovative Battery Scrubber Unavailable In Australia

No Longer Available
Style: BOOST32

Nilfisk ALTO SCRUBTEC BOOST 32 Scrubber/Dryer

No longer brought into Australia, check out the Focus II by clicking HERE

The Clarke Boost range are more productive due to a new patented orbital scrub head system. It is suitable for demanding cleaning tasks in industry, warehouses, larger stores, supermarkets, hospitals (health care) and shopping centre.

The ruggedly large 114 litre tank and the easy to understand control panel makes the Nilfisk-ALTO SCRUBTEC BOOST 32 walk behind scrubber/dryer very reliable and simple to use. What is the BOOST system? The new SCRUBTEC BOOST 32 scrubber/dryer is more productive than any other floor scrubber on the market. The increased productivity is due to a new patented orbital scrub head system with a unique orbital scrubbing motion working with 2250 rpm.

When compared to a disc scrubber, this system will:

  • Save water/chemical solution by approx. 70% and with fewer dumps and re-fills.
  • Increase battery run time, due to the fact that it only requires one brush motor.
  • Scrubs more efficiently.
  • Vastly increases both the life of the scrub pads and the floor finish.
  • Requires no splash skirts. The New BOOST 32 is built on the ENCORE 2426 platform, therefore there are only a few new spare parts.
  • Regarding specifications the only difference is that BOOST just needs one 550 Watt brush motor, uses less solution 0 – 2.1 liter/min., brush 2250 rpm, cleaning width 810 mm.


    * Squeegee blade change and adjusting without any tools.

    * Powerful transaxle drive system.

    * Exclusive breakaway squeegee protects inventory.

    * Large rugged rotor moulded tanks and battery compartment give long running time without refilling and charging.

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