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Nilfisk-ALTO Pressure Washer Powerscrub P300 Surface Cleaner - TVD The Vacuum Doctor


Nilfisk-ALTO Pressure Washer Powerscrub P300 Surface Cleaner

Style: 106411310 $830.00

The Nilfisk-ALTO Powerscrub P300 surface cleaner, excellent for tiled walls in commercial kitchens and bathrooms as well as pools, patios and brick paved areas! We have ONE ONLY available!!

They fit the Ergo 1000S   spray gun pistol grip

Clean surfaces quickly and effectively without using lots of strong chemical, this one is a handy 300mm wide, with a stiff BLACK bristle skirt.

See below in related items, the impressive result, I got as a total novice, with the larger 500mm surface cleaner, on an old scabby concrete pavement in a matter of minutes!

These tools work on water QUANTITY not PRESSURE. The jets are somewhat interchangeable depending on the cleaning power of the machine that's providing the water.

With the 03 Nozzle (PN 2802655) this is suitable for, but not limited to the following models:

30CA, TRITON, TRITON PE,1740C/CA, 2040C/CA, 3340C/CA, 4040C,02K, 20A2KB, 40CAS,
VALIANT, 1640H/HA, 3040H/HA, 3840H/HA, 40HA MASTER, C3VA, 30HA, 150 CP,

With the 04 Nozzle (PN 2802651) this is suitable for, but not limited to the following models:

4403K/KA, 5203K/KA, C3KA, POSEIDON, POSEIDON PE, 4503KB, 5203KD, 03KLU/KOS,
4203V/VA, 5003V/VA, DX 985, DX 865, 50C13, ELEKTRA

This is OLD obsolete stock and is sold "as is" and the purchase is the buyers responsibility to ensure it's correct for what they want to use it on. No refunds. no warranty.

Maximise the saving on postage and buy some of the related parts below, or parts such as filters for your Nilfisk or ALTO vacuum cleaner, or a new floor tool and hose.

At the moment, standard postage within Australia is capped at a maximum of $20!