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$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!
$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!

Nilfisk-Alto Powervac Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

SKU ALT00020045

Nilfisk-ALTO Powervac Backpack

See Nilfisk BV1100 backpack commercial vacuum cleaner As It's The Same Machine.

The Nilfisk-ALTO Powervac backpack vacuum cleaners is an ideal machine for cleaning commercial properties, stairs, theaters and congested areas. The machine offers high manoeuvrability and superior design for reliable performance and comfort. 

Clients who purchase this cleaner highly recommend it on the following qualities:  efficiency, reliability, durability, low maintenance, comfort, low noise level, its double insulation and the 1 year warranty. 

The BackVac's injection moulded plastic body is tough enough to work as hard as you do. Bumpers have been strategically positioned on the body to protect the walls, doors, glass and fittings, the double insulation offers complete electrical safety and the frame has been designed to distribute the weight evenly over the hips, not the shoulders, therefore eliminating the need for additional back supports.

The Polypropylene motor housing ensures quiet operation and does not transfer the heat to the operators back while the needlepoint felt dust bag amazingly retains 99% of all dust particles down to 1 micron.

This has now been supersceded by the more traditional GREY Australian made, Nilfisk BV1100 backpack vacuum cleaner