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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk-Alto PET Filter Cartridge Attix 751-11 Vacuum Cleaner See SKU 302000490

SKU 302000461

WAP by Nilfisk-Alto PET washable pleated filter cartridge for the Attix 751-11 industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner USE SKU 302000490

This is a Type L Filter for the Nilfisk-ALTO ATTIX 751 and the Nilfisk-ALTO Attix 550-21 Series.

The cartridges dimensions are 140mm high. The major external diameter of the blue ring is 185mm, and the internal diameter of the blue ring, 140mm.

I've used a photo of SKU 302000490 which has more pleats, to illustrate this Class L Filter.

If you want any other replacement parts and accessories featured below, standard postage is capped at a maximum of $25 within Australia, and free postage after a $400 spend!