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Nilfisk-Alto Floortec 560B Battery Sweeper NOW UNAVAILABLE Replaced By SW900 - TVD The Vacuum Doctor


Nilfisk-Alto Floortec 560B Battery Sweeper NOW UNAVAILABLE Replaced By SW900

No Longer Available
Style: 908-4109-010

Nilfisk-Alto Floortec 560B Walk Behind Battery Sweeper With On-board Charger

Replaced By The Battery Operated Nilfisk SW900 Below

This large walk-behind sweeper comes in a compact and ergonomic design making for easy maneuverability.

With their high sweeping and loading performance these handy machines allow you to clean large spaces within warehouses, garages, factories and parking areas, whilst at the same time retrieving dirt from corners and narrow spaces. It comes with a low noise level allowing operators a pleasant work environment.

There is space for two batteries allowing for extended operation time. The low voltage cut-off system ensures long battery life by protecting batteries from deep discharge. The on-board charger enables the machine to be charged anywhere.


  • Quick and easy inspection/change of filters and brooms without using tools.
  • Driver ergonomics, traction and easy maneuverability for optimum work flow.
  • Steel chassis and durable polyethylene construction and rotor moulded cover resists corrosion.
  • Mechanically linked motor and gearbox reduce maintenance costs and minimise downtime.
  • 3,700 m2 per hour theoretical productivity
  • 50 litres large hopper fills all the way to minimise emptying requirements
  • Flap system allows the collection of large debris without having to stop to pick it up manually
  • Petrol-powered version available as alternative.
  • Back loading system with flap, good for all types of waste: paper, metal pieces or small stones
  • Powerful vacuum turbine in aluminium

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