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$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!
$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!

Nilfisk-Advance BU800 Battery Operated 1500 RPM Floor Burnisher Polisher

SKU 41600560

Nilfisk-Advance BU800 Burnisher Polisher

The BU800 is a 1500 rpm walk behind battery burnisher, with a passive dust collector bags to catch and hold the dust to prevent dust mopping after burnishing.

The BU800 uses the latest technology, with simple controls, to restore and maintain high gloss shine on floors. Brochure HERE  Factsheet HERE

High actual productivity with 1,300 m² per hour of burnished floor 

Self regulating pad pressure eliminates the need for adjustment.

The low profile design, makes operating the BU800 easy and safe to use.

The burnishing deck automatically lifts when motor is turned off for better floor protection.

Optional active dust control with excellent HEPA filtration for dust sensitive areas.

Machine comes complete with pad holder, is durable and reliable, and for your protection, a one year commercial warranty.

The on-board battery charger enables the BU800 to be charged anywhere.

See the  Nilfisk-ALTO Clarke US 2000 DC for a lighter machine powered by mains electricity.

Technical Data BU800

Voltage; 36 Volts DC (3 x 12 Volt)   Protection Class / IP Protection IPX4

Maximum Speed; 4.4 km/h   Sound Pressure; 68 dB(A)

Pad Diameter; 51 cm   Pad Speed; 1,500 rpm

Theoretical Productivity Rate; 2,200 m²/hr   Actual Productivity Rate; 1,300 m²/hr

Dimensions; 127 cm Long x 58 cm Wide x 105 cm High

Mass Without Batteries; 79 kg   Mass with Batteries; 233 kg

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